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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dengue Fever

A.    What  is Definition and Causes of  dengue fever

Dengue fever or abbreviated as DBD  is a disease caused by dengue virus is carried by the aedes aegypti mosquito saliva via the bite of a female when sucking human blood.

B.      How does transmission of dengue fever

Dengue virus is transmitted through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito that previously has bitten an infected person dengue. This mosquito population will increase rapidly during the rainy season but the mosquito Aedes aegypti can live and breed in the basin water reservoirs throughout the year. One bite of an infected mosquito is able to cause dengue disease in healthy people.

Transmission of dengue fever can not be directly from human to human but must go through an intermediary mosquito so that we do not have to worry about direct contact with sufferers of dengue fever.

C.      Which where area vulnerable dengue fever

Many contracted dengue fever in the tropics and subtropics. Asia ranks first in the number of patients with dengue fever each year. This may be caused by the rainfall in Asia is very high, especially in east Asia and south combined with environmental sanitation is not good.

D.    Anyone who can be attacked by dengue fever

Attacks scarlet dengue  fever can occur anytime throughout the year and can affect anyone from children to senior citizens, a strong healthy person to a sick, people who live in luxury housing to the homeless people could all fever illness Dengue is dangerous and deadly.Dengue fever related to environmental conditions and behavior of society. People who are less concerned about environmental cleanliness and the threat of dangerous disease is an excellent location as endemic DBD.

E.     When signs of dengue disease seen

1. Body heat high fever for more than 2 days
2. Pain in the gut
3. There are patches of red spots on skin that is not lost though pressed, pulled, stretched and so forth.
4. Can bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds), vomiting blood, and through bowel movements.
5. Patients can be pale, agitated, and tip toe cold hands.

F.     Why dengue fever can occur

Dengue fever disease occurs due ti biteof aedes aegypty mosquito that previously has bitten people infected dengue fever.


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