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Friday, October 29, 2010

What Causes Nightmare ??

Nightmares are not caused by external factors; they are not a consequence of over-eating like many people believe. If you have nightmares after over-eating this means that you have a negligent attitude in life. Nightmares are caused by your wrong attitude or behavior.
A nightmare is an alarm that tries to prevent future problems, deceptions, mental illnesses or catastrophes. Nightmares that scare you represent dangerous situations in your life that need your urgent attention. However, when you have bad dreams that don't frighten you, this means that you are apathetic towards what is harmful in your life.
I'm going to give you an example, using the bad dream of my neighbor. She gave me the right to publish it publicly in order to provide a lesson.
My neighbor dreamt that she was with a friend driving her car and going down the street. The street was on an incline and was dangerously filled with slippery mud because it was raining. Her car suddenly became a roller skate. Her friend was behind her, giving her instructions about where they should go. They entered into a shopping center with the roller skate. The shopping center had a big door in its entrance. As soon as they entered the door closed behind them and they were locked inside.
From a therapeutic standpoint, we need to know more about the dreamer in order to perfectly translate her dream because all dreams talk about the dreamers' life. What we know is that she is a young woman; very thin, attractive and superficial. She is too preoccupied about her appearance; spending all her money on new clothes.
I told my neighbor that the way she drives her car in a dream represents the way she drives her life. Her car became a roller skate, which is a very dangerous form of transportation. Hence, the way she drives her life is as dangerous as travelling by roller skates and being out of control. She started laughing, not understanding how serious the dream warning was.
In order to understand the meaning that her friend had in the dream we have to know how the dreamer characterized him or her. You see, other people in our dreams represent parts of our own personality who behave like the different people who appear in our dreams. Therefore we need to know the importance each dreamer places upon the people they know who become part of their dreams.
My neighbor told me that she doesn't trust her friend because she is somehow crazy. This means that her friend represents an absurd part of her own personality. The rain in dreams represents a solution. Examining everything together now that we analyzed the dream symbols, the meaning of this dream was:
Be careful because the way you are living is very dangerous (car that becomes a roller skate). You are being influenced by an absurd part of your personality (somehow crazy friend). Therefore, at a certain point in your life you'll be forced to find a solution (rain). However, you'll face problems that you were not expecting (mud and a street on a dangerous incline). In the end you'll get trapped in a horrible situation without finding a way out (shopping center where my neighbor and her friend got locked in).
My neighbour and client now understood that she has to change her attitude and take life seriously which she did not understand before my translations. Her dream is very common; many people have bad dreams without feeling scared. Their apathy before frightening situations in dreams reflects the indifference they feel towards dangerous situations of their lives.
Be prudent when you have bad dreams or nightmares! Keep a dream journal and follow dream therapy. You'll avoid needless suffering and develop your intelligence. This way, you'll easily detect all hidden traps.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christina_Sponias

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