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Friday, May 6, 2011

Various expressions in English Language

Expression opinion

I personally think…
I personally believe…
I personally feel
Not everyone will grace with me, but….
To my mind…
From my point of view…
As I see it..
I think…
I believe…
I feel…
It seems that..
If I had my way, I would..
In my case..
What I’m more concerted with is..

Expression on Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction

Is everything OK ?
Is everything satisfactory ?
Are you satisfied ?
Did you find our service satisfactory ?
Are you dissatisfied with something ?
I;m completely satisfied with..
I’m happy enough with it.
I am a little dissatisfied with..
The ..… was lousy
I’m tired of…
I want to make a complaint…

Expression of Warning

I’m warning you…
Be careful with..
I’m giving you a warning…
This is my last warning…
Remember that..
Watch out !

Expression of Pain

Ouch ! It hurt me so much !
My left is getting hurt !
It’s very painful. I can stand it.
Ooh my head aches ! And my back hurts !
I can’t tell you how pain my hand
It’s hurt so much.
Don’t do it again !!

Expression of Relief

Indeed, I’m relieved for having finished these jobs.
The doctors comes soon and threats me well, it really make me relief.
Let me relief you from this difficult problem.

Expression of Pleasure

That sounds fine/wonderful.
That would be great.
O, it was fantastic.
Im happy/glad to heqar that.
Cool ! I can’t wait to go.
It’s a great place to stop.

Expression of Love

I love you.
I love my cat so much.
I love this game / present / Indonesians food.
I have a crush on you.

Expressions of Sadness

Oh no ! Oh dear !
What a pity !
I’m really sad to know it.
I’m feeling blue.
I’m not in a good mood.
Poor Amir !
Please leave me alone !
It’s sorrowful to listen that.

Expression of Anxiety

I’m anxious…
I’m afraid..
I’m so scared..
God.. What’s this ?

Expression of Pleasure / displeasure

That’s great…  / Oh no.
That’s incredible / What a nuisance.
How marvelous ! / I’m very disappointed.
How tremendous ! / I’m too miserable.
What luck ! / I’m so upset.
I’m very pleased with it / I’m fed up with…

Expression of  Anger

I’m really angry about...
It’s not you business, go away !
You really make me crose !
What a heel you are !
You are bitckens.
Be quiet, or I’ll hit you !
Be shut up !
Oh, damn ! Blast ! Hell (swear words)

Expression of Annoyence

I am very annoyance !
It’s make me annoyed !
How irritaty is it !
This’s really irritaty !
What a nuisance.
Oh, that’s great (sarcastic).

Expression Suggestion

What shall / should / can / could I … ?
Have you thought about … ?
I think that will be wonderful.
I suppose I could do that.

Expression Excuse and Apology

Im sorry.
Excuse me, please.
Pardon me, please.
Excuse me for being late.
Please forgive me.
I do apologize for my behavior last night.


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